Digital Events is the leader in providing personalized giveaways live on-site at activations.  Our On-Site Live Laser Engraving provides a true interactive experience at your event. In real-time, giveaways are engraved in as fast as 10 seconds per item. Nothing increases engagement activity more than on-site personalization.

  • Laser engrave photo or text in as fast as 10 seconds per item
  • Laser engrave on all types of materials including Metal, Leather, Glass, Wood, Silicone, and Acrylic
  • We pre-brand all items with the clients logo. Items are then personalized on-site by the attendees


Select from hundreds of different items. Popular laser engraved items include shoes, luggage tags, key chains, water bottles, beer pint glasses, and notebooks.  Click here for a full list of products.


The first step is to engage each attendee. Using their own mobile phone, our iPads (counter stand or free standing mount), or 22” touch-screen monitors, attendees can customize their giveaway live on the spot. Utilizing our LIVE DESIGNER attendees can add graphics, select fonts, add custom text, add photos from their phone, drag and drop icons, add multiple layers as well as rotate and position each item. Everything mentioned above can be branded with the client’s logo.

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We use top of the line laser engraving machines. Our high-speed industrial lasers can engrave many products in less than 10 seconds at a crisp 635 DPI (true photographic quality). Compared to lower quality lasers (typically a CO2), items are engraved in ~37 seconds at a grainier 150 DPI (low text and image quality).



We are the global leaders in providing on-site live personalized of giveaways. With offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia we can execute all of your on-site activations, one-off events, multi-city tours, and in-store retail installations. Clients include Bank Of America, Chase Bank, TD Bank, JP Morgan, Southwest Airlines, Air France, Aero Mexico, Seattle Seahawks, New York Knicks, Miami Dolphins as well as many of the leading Fortune 500 brands such as Adidas, Nike, CNN, Google & Apple.


We’re committed to making you 100% satisfied with our products and services. Our process involves working directly with you to help plan, supply, manage, and execute your brand activations and corporate events. It is our experience that has crafted our strategy to ensure every detail is perfect; surpassing the expectations of even the most demanding clients.

How We Work




Creation of execution plan and pre-branding of giveaways.

Digital graphics and engineering are built out. Production samples for branding and customization options. Client review and sign off.



Attract and engage attendees using our interactive iPads or 22” Monitors.

This is the fun part and the most important thing is to engage the attendees in a quick and professional manner. Using our interactive designer, attendees will customize their giveaway (add graphics, select font, custom text, add photos from mobile phone, drag-and-drop icons, rotate and re-size). Option to add a quick survey on our monitors to collect data from each attendee.



Live on-site personalization of the item.

High speed quiet industrial lasers interfaced with proprietary software to automate the process and speed up the delivery of the finished product.



Organize and scan completed items in booth for pick-up.

Finished products are individually barcoded and assigned a unique job number. Larger items and apparel are assigned a bin/location number to make it easy to locate when a guest walks up to pick up. Product can be searched quickly in our database to determine where the order is in the queue or if it has been completed.



SMS Text Message sent to attendee for pick-up with client branded note.

Each attendee receives an automated branded text message with a unique job number to aid them picking up their personalized giveaway. Text message can also include links to your company as well as promotional literature. This entire text message notification process can be eliminated if you client wishes to forgo this.



Distribution of completed personalized items.

At high traffic activations, it’s critical to keep the process organized and flowing from the moment an attendee submits a personalization request to picking up the finished item. We plan for the storage of finished product not yet picked up so we can efficiently locate the item when the attendee returns. Additionally, we know who has not picked up their personalized item and our system can automatically send out reminder text messages for easy pick-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you provide staff?

Yes, for all of our on-site activations, we provide a professional team of technicians and if requested, brand ambassadors to assist.

Do my attendees need to download an app?

No, attendees do not need to download an app to submit a request. They have 2 options, use our on-site Live Designer or they can do directly from their mobile device by going to skipthisline.com

How much space do you need to set up the laser engraving station at my event?

Our YAG laser only requires 1 sq ft of counter space plus space for a laptop. A typical setup frequently utilizes a high-top portable bar which is ideal to place the laser behind the bar while placing the tablets on top for guests to engage.

What do we need to provide?

A standard 10 amp outlet, internet connection and counter/table.

How long does an item take to engrave?

Most items are typically engraved in less than 10 seconds. Luggage Tags, key chains, water bottles business card cases can all be laser engraved in less than 10 seconds.

What materials can you laser engrave?

We can laser engrave aluminum, steel, stainless steel, glass, plastic, acrylic, wood, leather, fabric, denim.

Can you laser engrave shoes?

Yes, we have a footwear department that specializes in personalizing and customizing athletic shoes. We can add any graphic and text in color to athletic shoes. In addition, we have an assortment of shoe accessories including shoe lace tags, shoe lace tips, and printed shoe tongues.

Can you source items to engrave for us?

Yes, we can source any item that you would like to provide as a giveaway. Since not all items are compatible with laser engraving, we would prefer to source the item to insure compatibility and timely delivery.

Can I request a personalized sample?

Yes. Click on the REQUEST SAMPLE button and we will send you a personalized sample.

What areas do you service?

We provide our on-site laser engraving world-wide. We have local offices and equipment in the United States, United Kingdom, Dubai, Mexico City and Hong Kong. Call or email one of our local offices.

How many items per hour / day can you engrave?

An item such as a luggage tag can be engraved in 10 seconds. 5 per minute. 300 per hour. One laser could provide up to 3,000 personalized luggage tags during a 10 hour day.